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Miemode Releases Brave The Wave VR: New Virtual Reality iOS Game App

Mar 30, 2015 - California based Miemode, LLC today introduces Brave the Wave VR 1.0 for iOS & Android, the first virtual reality game title in the company's new line of innovative virtual reality apps and hardware. Don't get seasick in this new game app as it immerses you into a daunting world where you're stranded at sea and have your hopes & sights set on reaching an island safely. You soon realize though that you're not alone, as both elements and creatures seemingly have far less fortunate plans for you.

Miemode Engages in Crowdfunding Campaign for M8D VR Headset + App

Feb 11, 2015 - Miemode, LLC this week announced that the company is engaging in a crowdfunding campaign to polish and distribute its latest 3D, Virtual Reality hardware and software endeavor, the M8D (pronounced MADE) Virtual Reality Headset. The M8D Virtual Reality Headset is crafted for everyday use, with the portability of paper, the durability of high grade plastic, and the hands-free adaptability of expensive VR headset. Easy to use, the M8D is compatible with headphones, headgear and haptic devices.

New iOS Game App Sequel Space Dudes Zoom Takes Off in Apple App Store

Feb 23, 2014 - California based developer, Miemode today introduces Space Dudes Zoom! 1.0, their second, side-scrolling, iOS game in the Space Dudes series. Space Dudes Zoom features ultra-challenging levels where players have to engage in some amazing space stunt flying in order to reach end of the game. In addition to the entertaining sound effects and graphics, Space Dudes Zoom users interactively work to get the monsters home by tapping to refuel their spacecraft and avoiding obstacles along the way.

New iPad Games App Space Dudes Attack HD Free Lands in Apple App Store

Feb 01, 2014 - California based, Miemode today introduces Space Dudes Attack HD Free 1.0, their latest game title for iPad. Rescue your friends from these hungry Space Dudes by feeding them bananas. These quirky monsters may look adorable, but they'll do anything for a banana. The game has 4 exciting levels and 5 awesome characters to choose from. With a combo neo Angry Birds/retro Donkey Kong look and feel, this first person screen scroller set in a high tech world is already gaining popularity.