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C.U.B.I.P.L.E.X. 2.0 - Fun 3D Word Game

Mar 07, 2017 - GanaLila announces C.U.B.I.P.L.E.X. 2.0, a significant update to their 3D word game for iOS devices. C.U.B.I.P.L.E.X. involves teaching a C.U.B.I. words using a 3D word grid. The word grid consists of 3D cubes that have letters on its 6 faces. 3D letter cubes give players plenty of exploration room to find words of their choice. Offering new gameplay and multiplayer mode, version 2.0 introduces the concept of a "Living Challenge," wherein players can replay old word grids and win the challenge.

CUBIPLEX - 3D word game - by indie developer GanaLila

Feb 21, 2014 - GanaLila introduces C.U.B.I. (Cool Unit of Bot Intelligence), a next generation AI machine that loves to play, learn, enjoy and explore! CUBI learns through games played on its internal simulation engine. The current game mode involves the player teaching CUBI words using a 3D word search game. The cubes give players plenty of exploration room to find words.The longer the word, the higher the letter score. There is also a bonus mini-game "Dice Dance" to get free in-game currency (Qubits).