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Dead Room - Your worst Nightmare

Mar 23, 2014 - BlankHed Gaming announces Dead Room - The Dark One 1.0 for iOS. Imagine falling asleep in your comfortable bed and waking up in the darkest, most scary environment you have ever experienced, a dark, dingy, room that reeks of the dead. The Dark One has immense speed and the ability to steal your soul, dragging you down into the pits of hell. You have one goal; search the horror filled dungeon finding keys that will hopefully get you out.The game is extremely hard and highly disturbing.

Alkazar, the bloodsucking vampire

Mar 21, 2014 - Let the Slaying begin! The peaceful town of Alkazania has been tormented for the past five decades by a treacherous blood sucking vampire Alkazar. BlankHed Gaming announces Alkazar 1.0 for the iOS platform. The game is an intense physics based puzzle game that will keep your mind working for hours. Help the town by breaking all the blocks and getting Alkazar to fall onto his tomb. Destroy him by driving a stake though his heart, but beware as he is known to incarnated over and over again!

Farting from Planet to Planet? Doodle Munchies

Mar 06, 2014 - BlankHed Gaming announces Doodle Munchies HD 1.0 for iOS. A magical world filled with tiny monsters who love love running and farting! As you run through their 5 endless planets you jump fly and fart all to avoid the deadly stripe blocks and blow up enemies! Collect as many stars as you can to unlock your friends and run as far as you can to unlock all their secret gifts. Select your own munchie to play with as you try your utmost to outplay your friends with game centre capability.