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G.O.A.T. - Mow it up! for iOS - Ma-a-ke your Brain Smarter

Jul 05, 2014 - What do a goat, a mower and a wellington boot have in common? They are all elements of a super addictive path-finding puzzle app called G.O.A.T. - Mow it up. Yellow Dot has launched G.O.A.T. - Mow it up!, a path-finding puzzle app with a cartoon goat as the main character. To complete each level a player has to make the goat eat all the grass & items of litter on the grid. The goat can't mow up the same cell twice and it stops after eating the last item, so the route has to be planned carefully.

Mathlingz 1.2.0 for iOS - A breakthrough in the Learning of Math

Mar 09, 2014 - Yellow Dot has recently released Mathlingz 1.2.0, an update to their popular educational app developed exclusively for Apple's revolutionary iPad device. Featuring over 350 examples, Mathlingz offers over 100 short, dynamic math activities for children aged 8-11. Covering all learning areas in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal system, Roman numerals, geometry and more, all activities have been designed to entertain and educate at the same time.