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VideoUpLink now available on the App Store for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4

Jun 16, 2010 - VideoUpLink takes videos from your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 library and batch uploads them to any FTP site. Uploading to Facebook or MySpace is supported, with location information added. Attach more than one video to an email. VideoUpLink is the ideal way to FTP large HD videos from iPhone 4 when on location. VideoUpLink for iPhone can also be used with VideoUpLink for Mac OS for WiFi transfer of videos to a desktop or laptop.

VideoUpLink 1.3 for Mac OS 10.5 adds iPhone WiFi uploading support

Jun 09, 2010 - VideoUpLink 1.3 for Mac OS now accepts uploads over WiFi from VideoUpLink for iPhone. Anytime VideoUpLink is running on your Mac, the computer name will show as a destination on VideoUpLink for iPhone. Tapping the computer name on the iPhone screen initiates the upload. A new preference has been added to make VideoUpLink a desktop startup item, so videos can be uploaded at anytime without having to manually launch the application.

VideoUpLink for iPhone submitted to App Store

Jun 04, 2010 - VideoUpLink for iPhone has been submitted to Apple for review and approval. It complements VideoUpLink for the Mac, enabling wireless transfer of videos from your iPhone 3GS to lap top or desk top. VideoUpLink for iPhone also features reliable high load FTP based on libcurl 7.20, with Facebook and MySpace support. VideoUpLink is available on an ad-hoc basis right now by submitting a device ID to the developer.

VideoUpLink for Mac OS X debuts with Facebook profile support

Apr 13, 2010 - VideoUpLink for Mac OS 10.5, an application designed to make video on your Facebook page just a drag and drop away, is now available. Uploading video with a web browser is unreliable. VideoUpLink enables stable, rapid uploading of multiple videos. Users can drag movies from iPhoto, Media Browser or the Finder onto VideoUpLink and add titles and descriptions for each before uploading.

PhotoUpLink Enables Free Multi-Photo Email, FTP, Sharing, Sync

May 08, 2009 - PhotoUpLink for iPhone enables free multi-photo email, FTP and peer to peer photo sharing over WiFi networks. Generate an email quickly and easily by selecting the images and providing the email address. Photos are sent at full size via, eliminating the need to set up your own email server information. The FTP function works with most FTP servers. WiShare lets you share photos with any PhotoUpLink enabled device running on the same WiFi network, or with PhotoUpLink for iPhoto.

New PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto adds WiFi export to iPhone PhotoUpLink

Mar 30, 2009 - Developer Mark Morris today announced PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto. This iPhoto plugin enables S/FTP, ODBC, and Office export, and now includes the ability to export over WiFi to any iPhone or iPod Touch running PhotoUpLink. Exported photos will show up in the Camera Roll album on an iPhone, or in the Saved Photos album on an iPod Touch. All users of PhotoUpLink who have upgraded to iLife '09 also should download the new version for continued functionality, and access to new features.

iPhone game Torus is now 99 cents and integrated with Facebook

Jan 05, 2009 - Developers Mark Morris and Dave Florek have introduced a Facebook application for monitoring the high score table hosted at PlayTorus for their iPhone and iPod Touch game Torus. Torus High Scores is available now on the Facebook application directory, enabling players to follow the action from their profiles. Also announced is a price reduction or Torus.

Mark Morris introduces original 3D game Torus for iPhone and iPod Touch

Oct 13, 2008 - Mark Morris introduces original game Torus for iPhone and iPod Touch. Torus is an addictive original game designed around accelerometer interaction. Tilting your device parallel to the floor moves a platform to catch the cascading Tori within the tennis court like playing field. Torus redefines the ring toss into an inverted, escapist divertimento. Absorbing ambient audio surrounds you while different Torus types fall towards the Oakland Estuary off Jack London Square.

PhotoUpLink for iPhoto '08 adds metadata support

Aug 14, 2007 - This new version of PhotoUpLink for iPhoto is fully compatible with iLife '08 and takes advantage of new features in iPhoto '08 while preserving full functionality with earlier releases of iPhoto.