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Wuzzles for Smart Phones

May 22, 2014 - Xlabz Technologies releases a new version of their widely popular Word Puzzle Game: Wuzzles. Wuzzles presents users with a puzzle that is a combination of words or pictures. With numerous levels and twists, Wuzzles does an excellent job in putting ones creative and vocabulary skills to the test. This new update comes packaged with 10 more levels with 500 new Wuzzles. Wuzzles is deeply integrated with Game Center and is available for iOS devices.

A New Twist to Word Puzzles - Wuzzles

Mar 16, 2014 - XLabz announces Wuzzles, a challenging rebus game where you decipher words to find hidden phrases. Unlike similar apps in the store, we have 10 levels of increasing difficulty, a very engaging game play with various achievements and a leaderboard that the users can unlock as they move forward. Best of all, Wuzzles can be played offline as well when one needs a quick fix. Wuzzles is deeply integrated with the Game Center and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.