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Teleconferencing? Upgrade Your Webcam With Filters and FX - macOS

Sep 14, 2020 - Calgary based developer, Stonelight Pictures today introduces Webcam Effects Live 1.0.5, a new tool for video conferencing that improves the image of webcams in macOS 10.15. Webcam Effects Live is designed to enhance webcam video, and help get the best possible image when teleconferencing, streaming live, or recording video. Webcam Effects Live works with any 3rd party webcam or video source that is supported by the macOS system, and works with any built-in FaceTime HD camera.

Get notified when your friends or loved ones are running low on power

May 10, 2016 - Calgary based developer, Stonelight Pictures today announces Battery Share 1.0.3, a new utility for iOS 9 devices. Battery Share gives you a final opportunity to contact your friends or loved ones before their phone dies. By getting notifications when your friend's battery is low, you can make last contact before their phone runs out of power. The app features simple privacy controls, with VoIP calling. Version 1.0.3 introduces 3D Touch support with nice performance optimizations.

Get notifications when your friend's phone battery is about to die

May 02, 2016 - Stonelight Pictures introduces Battery Share 1.0.1, a new utility for iOS 9 supported devices. Battery Share is for all those times when you tried to get ahold of someone but their phone was dead and you should have called or messaged a little bit sooner. The app sends you notifications when your friends are running low on power. Opening the app gives you a quick list of your friends with their battery status. Version 1.0.1 offers performance optimizations.

7 Player Party Game for Apple TV - TV Tournament

Nov 03, 2015 - Calgary based Stonelight Pictures today introduces TV Tournament 1.0, a new game specifically designed for the Apple TV. Play with up to 7 players, in a match of perception, reaction, and observation. Multiple mini-games make up a tournament that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last second. Designed specifically for the Apple TV, this game takes advantage of the large screen, creating a shared gaming experience that is just not possible on smaller devices.

Hi-Tech Workout App for iPhone and Apple Watch - 3D Interactive Workout

Jun 16, 2015 - Stonelight Pictures today introduces Liftometer 1.0.2, its new 3D visualization tool for working out. Creating a good routine and keeping track of workouts can be a hard task. Liftometer creates an interactive 3D avatar that shows training progress in a visual way. The 3D model updates after each exercise to help create a perfect training routine. Users can interact with the model to find new exercises that complement their current routine, as well as share their progress and stats with friends.

One handed typing finally comes to iPhone 6 Plus - Type with one thumb

Oct 08, 2014 - Stonelight Pictures today introduces One Handed Keyboard 1.0, its new custom keyboard extension for iOS 8 supported devices. Typing with one hand on the iPhone 6 Plus can be challenging, if not impossible for some people since the screen is too large to reach with just your thumb. One Handed Keyboard allows you to easily type with one hand on the iPhone 6 Plus. It is specifically designed to have the same size keyboard as the previous keyboards used to in the iPhone 5s/5 or iPhone 4s/4.

Mac Support for Xbox One Controller

Sep 09, 2014 - Calgary based Stonelight Pictures today announces its Kickstarter campaign for a new Xbox One controller for Mac OS X. After almost a year since the Xbox One release, the Xbox One Controller is finally getting support for Mac. Right now it is up to 3rd party developers to come up with the support the consumers want. The Xbox has been a gold gaming standard for many years, and now with the release of the Xbox One controller, the best gaming controller on the planet is here.