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About FutureTap
Based in Seefeld, Germany. FutureTap was founded in 2008 by Ortwin Gentz with the mission to create innovative and easy-to-use apps that fully leverage the iPhone user interface concept. FutureTap is known for "Where To?", the leading points of interest finder app, acquired from tap tap tap.
Where To? 11 adds Augmented Reality, place collections and much more

Jul 29, 2021 - FutureTap GmbH today announces Where To? 11.0, an important update to their popular local search app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. Where To? offers an incredibly easy way to find the closest steakhouse, bank branch, billiard club, or anything else you might be looking for. See your options on the built-in map, in a list sorted by distance or in augmented reality. In its biggest update in history, Where To? 11 adds a ton of new features and moves to a freemium business model.

Streets 4.0: Street View App Adds Drag and Drop and Live Panorama Mode

May 07, 2018 - FutureTap GmbH today releases Streets 4, an update to their street level view browser app for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch. Anyone can navigate to any 360 degree panorama simply by dropping a pin on the map or by searching for an address or contact. A selection of more than 2000 spectacular locations such as national parks, museums & underwater panoramas are available in a gallery as well. Panorama coverage is visualized with a blue map overlay and favorite panoramas can be organized in folders.

Where To? 10 is Available Including Where To? for iMessage

Sep 14, 2016 - FutureTap GmbH today announces Where To? 10.0, an important update to their popular local search app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. Where To? finds nearby restaurants, shops, and other services. Version 10.0 includes a new module for iOS 10 users: Where To? for iMessage allows to include local search results in the ongoing chat conversation without leaving the Messages app, as well as adds emoji search for even quicker access to search categories.

Streets 3 Offers Close-Up Street Level Views for iOS and Apple Watch

Apr 06, 2016 - FutureTap GmbH today announces Streets 3 - The Street View App, the all-new version of their street level viewing app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Streets 3 offers a panoramic, street-level look at any location covered by Google Street View. New features include support for the iPad Pro, Split View, Slide Over, iOS 9 Spotlight support, and a new Apple Watch app offering the ability to view 360-degree panoramas directly on a user's wrist.

Where To? 9.0 Local Search App Now Offers iOS 9 and iPhone 6s Features

Oct 27, 2015 - FutureTap GmbH today announces Where To? 9.0, an important update to their popular local search app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. Where To? finds nearby restaurants, shops, and other services. The app provides detailed information - including menus, offers, photos, videos, reviews and more. Version 9.0 takes advantage of new iOS 9 features, including Spotlight search, as well as iPhone 6s features, such as 3D Touch. To celebrate the update, Where To? is on sale (66% off) for a limited time.

Where To? 8.0 - iPhone local search app now on the Apple Watch

Apr 15, 2015 - FutureTap GmbH today announces Where To? 8.0, an update to their popular local search app for iOS devices. Where To? finds all sort of locations, with everything from foods and fashion to hardware stores and the next post box. This GPS-based app offers more than 700 business categories, many of them even drilled down to various brands. Version 8.0 now supports the Apple Watch, showing favorite places and categories, offers voice search, shows location details and starts turn-by-turn directions.

Where To? 7.0: iPhone local search app completely redesigned

Sep 05, 2014 - FutureTap today announces Where To? 7.0, an important update to its long-standing, popular local search app for iOS devices. Discover the best locations worldwide: Where To? finds the closest and best rated places to eat, shop, party, and relax. Now with a completely redesigned user interface, version 7.0 was completely rewritten and optimized for iOS 7 and 8. It is a paid update: existing users benefit from a 14 day introductory period.

Where To? 6.7: Send local search results to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mar 04, 2014 - The iPhone app "Where To?" helps with local search in the vicinity. The convenient app knows more than 700 business categories from Acupuncture to Zoos. The easy to use navigation wheel makes searching for the right category a snap. The results are displayed on a map or in a list, sorted by distance. The new version Where To? 6.7 allows to send search results to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The location is sent to the in-car navigation system and the driver can move off right away.

Streets 2.0 for iOS - Street View on Steroids, Launches from iOS Maps

May 30, 2013 - FutureTap today announces Streets 2.0 for iPhone and iPad, a major update to its "Street View" app that provides panoramic, street-level imagery of any location pinpointed in Maps. In version 2.0 the app is renamed to "Streets" in order to be found easier on the App Store. Compared to the Google Maps app, Streets offers a much greater resolution and zoom range, displays the street view coverage and is optimized for iPad. Version 2.0 also adds social sharing of panoramas discovered with the app.