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Sharkman Ajax: Available in the Apple App Store

Aug 15, 2014 - California based Echo 6 Games announces Sharkman Ajax, a multiplayer underwater action game for iPhone and iPad. Join Sharkman Ajax and his team as they defend the depths of Aquapolis. Your mission is to save this underwater metropolis from the cyborg robot-sharks! Master the swimming skills of Sharkman Ajax's diving suit as you journey across the sea bed of Aquapolis, investigating the Carcharodon Labs, and infiltrating the cyborg robot-sharks stealth bases.

Jetpack Max: Runner Now Available in the Apple App Store

Jul 22, 2014 - California based Echo 6 Games today announces Jetpack Max: Runner 1.0 for iOS, the next chapter in the Jetpack Max game series. Jetpack Max: Runner continues the engaging sci-fi story first started with Jetpack Max: Skyrun. Users control Max, a well equipped hero armed with with an array of futuristic weapons including the brand new Street Ronin Superbike. Max's mission in this adventure involves infiltrating the Robot Commando enemy base and freeing Futura City.

Jetpack Max: Skyrun Released - In the Apple App Store

Jun 30, 2014 - California based Echo 6 Games today introduces Jetpack Max: Skyrun 1.1, an action-packed runner game for iPhone and iPad. Jetpack Max: Skyrun is set in a futuristic sci-fi world filled with robot commandos, multiple power-ups, and challenging obstacles. Players control Max, an adventurous character armed with a powerful pulse canon and Photon-X powered jetpack. Fans of retro gaming will feel right at home with Jetpack Max's colorful graphics, smooth animation, and side-scrolling gameplay.