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Turn your iOS 8 favorite photos into bookmarks

Oct 30, 2014 - You use iOS 8 and have marked pictures as favorites by using the new heart-shaped button of the native iPhone Photos app? You now see all your favorite photos at once in the corresponding album. But what if you want to see other pictures you took at the same time? Be smarter than other iPhone users and don't scroll and search for ages. Instead, download Photohook and access these pictures directly too, turning your favorites into handy bookmarks.

Is your smartphone ignoring you?

Oct 27, 2014 - Is the precious smartphone you are carrying everywhere largely ignoring the special things that happen in your life? You can change that with the latest version of the ymportant app for iPhone. Do not let things that matter simply fade away. Instead, give them the place they deserve, ensuring they will not be forgotten, by adding entries with photos and captions to your private wall. ymportant is for all you do not want to publish but do not want to forget.

Lazy? Stop scrolling for ages to access your best iPhone pictures

Aug 29, 2014 - Zurich based Roundsight LLC today introduces Photohook 1.0.0, their new app that lets you choose which photos on your iOS device should remain directly accessible, no matter how many other pictures you shot in the meantime. And the best is that you also get access to all the pictures taken just before or just after the selected special photos. Don't scroll or search endlessly. Instead, jump directly to the pictures you took at your most special moments.