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Calvertr2 for iOS: Fastest Units Converter with Calculator from R3app

Nov 27, 2015 - California based R3app announces its new app, Calvertr2 1.0 for iOS and Apple Watch devices, after having great success with their original Calvetr app. Having multiple apps for various conversions are not useful for everyone. Also, it is inconvenient to copy and paste data from converter app to calculator app for basic post-calculations. Considering these pain points, R3app designed Calvertr2 that includes 1,400 units converter and a built in calculator.

Calvertr : Unit and Currency Converter with Smart Calculator for iOS

Oct 17, 2014 - California based R3app announces it new app, Calvertr, available on the Apple App Store. The app is a versatile and extremely intuitive Unit and Currency Converter with Calculator. A truly amazing app that discover the most extensive list of currencies and units in hundred of categories with the beautifully packages calculator. Calvertr includes eye-appealing graphics, 34 ready to go categories with thousands of unit conversions, access to 157 world currencies and more.

R3app Launched Convertr Lite Free Unit & Currency Conversion App

Sep 05, 2014 - R3app announces their new conversion app, Convertr Lite for iOS devices. Simple and gesture-based interface ensure that users just Tap, Pinch, Scroll and Swipe through the most complex conversions effortlessly. The app converts most practically used categories such as: Currency, Area, Length, Mass, Temperature, Time and more. Convertr Lite remembers the users most recent and extensively used conversions, as well as lets users save conversions for quick future use.