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Protection Beyond the Flu Shot, Using your Smartphone to Avoid the Flu

Nov 01, 2014 - Aliviar Health recently introduced a free iOS app, MedZam Cold & Flu providing additional protection from the flu. The app asks simple questions about symptoms and responds with relevant information that reduces exposure. A flu shot is one way to protect your family, office and school from illness and lost productivity. MedZam Cold & Flu is physician-designed to determine if someone has the flu, a cold, bacterial or viral infection.

Aliviar Health Releases MedZam iOS Strep Throat Evaluation Application

Aug 17, 2014 - Aliviar Health, Inc. introduces MedZam Strep Throat 1.0, its new strep throat evaluation application for iOS devices. This physician designed app guides users to check symptoms for indicators of Streptococcus bacterial infection. It includes health, wellness education, prevention, treatment and achieve relief tips. Based on answers given regarding symptoms, the app indicates if strep bacterial infection is likely. Also, learn ways to prevent infection and once sick, get relief and treatment.