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Vehicle moba Brawlerz Nitro released for Early Access by Bail Enemy Jet

May 30, 2017 - Bail Enemy Jet! today introduces Brawlerz Nitro 1.0, their fast paced Arena-Combat game developed for Windows, OS X and Linux. Brawlerz Nitro puts players in charge of insane nitrous-infused vehicles with everything a car needs, including weapons and explosives! Experience team combat with deathmatch and soccer game modes in high detailed combat arenas. Its standout features include a brilliantly colourful art style with support for split screen in both offline and online game modes.

Brawlerz Nitro Greenlit on Steam

Jan 12, 2015 - Australian based Bail! Enemy Jet and Rum Theory's Greenlight project, Brawlers Nitro, has been officially greenlit for release on the Steam platform for Windows, Mac and Linux. Brawlerz Nitro is a top-down single and multiplayer vehicular combat game. It offers fast paced retro arcade style gameplay, team based multiplayer and single player gameplay. Multiple car classes, vehicle customisations and adaptable AI allow for dynamic car combat in a new and unique way.

Brawlerz : Nitro for Mac and PC is now on Steam Greenlight

Aug 27, 2014 - Australia based Bail! Enemy Jet and Rum Theory announces their new Steam Greenlight project for Brawlers : Nitro. The game offers fast paced retro arcade style gameplay, RPG elements and multiplayer all rolled into one super slick package. Choose the car that suits your strategy: it's a reflection of your inner maniac. This isn't a death race or rally, it's a fight to the death, pure and simple! The game supports Mac, Linux and Windows computers.