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iSlide Puzzle - challenging your mind

Dec 10, 2014 - Lisbon based Warpbox Solutions announces its new game for iOS devices, iSlide Puzzle. Solve slide puzzles of several themes and track your classification in Game Center tables (Finished puzzles, Best time and Moves). The game has several themes; animals, cities, nature and more. Solve the puzzle in the fastest time with minimum moves. Challenge your friends to play; who will be the first to solve all the puzzles?

BabyDecoder - listen to what your baby is crying to say

Sep 23, 2014 - Warpbox announces the BabyDecoder, a tool that analyses the cry of newborns, which, according with recent studies, may be related to five common complaints: Hunger, Burping need, Sleepy (hard to get to sleep or to wake up from nap, Discomfort (pain) and Lower Gas. The application listens to the cry of the newborn, analyses and measures similarities between the input sound and a cry pattern database, providing the user with info about the most probable cause for the baby discomfort.