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R.Cloud Software Releases iLOLZ iPhone Photo Captioning App

Sep 09, 2009 - R.Cloud Software has announced the release of iLOLZ 1.1, our 5th iPhone app. iLOLZ is an easy way for you to create your own LOLpics - cats, or fails - or any kind of funny LOLpics you want, anytime, anyplace, instantly.We created buttons with cute and thematic designs. Once you've captioned your pic, you can email instantly from inside the app. We've also incorporated full landscape mode support - no more portrait-orientation cropping.

R.Cloud Software releases Digit Defenders 1.0: iPhone Math Game for Kids

Aug 28, 2009 - R.Cloud Software has just released Digit Defenders, now available in the iTunes app store. Digit Defenders is wildly fun game of falling math problems. Players challenge their mental math skills with increasingly difficult waves from mathematical subjects from preschool to college level. The object is to answer problems correctly before they fall off the screen. Levels include simple counting, elementary and advanced arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, number base conversion.