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Thinner 1.0 for iPhone and Apple Watch - New Weight Management App

Jan 14, 2016 - UK based Catalyst Mobile Ltd today introduces Thinner 1.0.0, its new weight management app developed exclusively for iPhone and Apple Watch. Offering a new concept in weight management using your Apple Watch, Thinner is the first app of its kind that lets you see in real-time how your calorie input and output is tracking against your diet goals with a glance at your watch. After initial setup, keep your iPhone in your pocket and track from the watch.

Bit Trader app the first to allow buying and selling of bitcoins

Jun 29, 2014 - UK based Catalyst Mobile Ltd releases Bit Trader 1.0.1, a significant update to its popular financial app for iOS devices. Bit Trader keeps track of the Bitstamp exchange. You can view updates to Bitcoin prices in the ticker for current and historic prices and view your Bitstamp account for details including balances and orders. Version 1.0.1 enables users to buy & sell Bitcoins via the app. Users can now use the app to place Buy and Sell limit orders on their Bitstamp Bitcoin exchange account.

Kids Allowance and Rewards released for iOS 7

Mar 03, 2014 - Catalyst Mobile Ltd has announced Kids Allowance and Rewards 1.0 app for iPhone and iPod touch. The app transforms the way you manage your children's money and rewards and teaches them about saving and spending money. With an innovative summary parents get a concise overview of their children's accounts and the intuitive user interface makes it simple to setup custom activities and enter manual entires of paying in or paying out money and giving or redeeming rewards.

Innovative QR Code Generator and Reader

Jun 24, 2012 - UK based Catalyst Mobile Ltd has released Qrt 1.5, the new QR code generation app for iOS devices. Scan any existing QR code or generate a new one, then re-style it using Qr't and share it. You can create branded, arty, funny, enticing or elegant QR codes instantly. Whatever your ideas for using QR codes, Qr't is the genius utility that gives you the power to customise, create a buzz and make boring QR codes blush. Share your custom-made codes over Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS and more.

Gedgers release major update to Kids Allowance and Rewards

Oct 15, 2009 - Gedgers Ltd today announced Kids Allowance and Rewards 1.4, a major update for the popular allowance tracking app for iPhone and iPod touch. Version 1.4 is a complete re-write of the user interface, new and improved features. Kids Allowance and Rewards combines allowance tracking with a rewards system for good behaviour. This makes it a versatile and unique application as well as adding extra appeal for motivating and educating your kids.

iPhone User Strikes Gold With PhotoFame Application

Aug 28, 2009 - Gedgers today announced that within days of the release of their new iPhone application PhotoFame, one customer has been rewarded for his snap of a passing gold plated Ferrari in Cannes along with headlines in the UK's Daily Star & Scotland Daily Record. PhotoFame is a simple and unique app that enables users to take or attach a photo and then fire the image off to the agency. PhotoFame partnered with a news/picture agency to give customers a chance to earn money from their photo.

Gedgers releases PhotoFame 1.0 for iPhone - Turn Pics to Cash

Aug 23, 2009 - Gedgers today announced PhotoFame 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. PhotoFame gives iPhone users the chance to make cash from their snaps through a partnership with leading picture agency, South West News Service. SWNS is one of the most successful news and picture agencies. PhotoFame works in partnership with SWNS to ensure the swift and simple transmission of iPhone photos directly to their dedicated team who will hunt for a market for your picture.