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Downhill* Chapter One is OUT NOW on iOS

Mar 07, 2016 - Screen Implosion announces Downhill* Chapter One 1.1, an important update to their game for iOS devices. Downhill* is an endless free fall on a minimal landscape full of strange sculptures and environments. A game with extraordinary graphics and addictive gameplay, the game is set on an abstract monochrome world inspired on minimalism, International Klein Blue and last century sculptures. The version 1.1 update brings a fix for previous issues with Ran Meters, and other small fixes.

Arena Monster Shooting Chaos - Android and iOS Freemium Versions

Aug 08, 2015 - Screen Implosion announces Arena Monster Shooting Chaos for Android and iOS will become freemium games as of August 12th, and this time Android players will be able to play the game! Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos is a high speed arcade space shooter game. Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos captures the magic of classic arcade games together with the contemporary feeling providing an outstanding mobile gaming experience. The game includes 5 special weapons designed to endure the attacks.

Screen Implosion Announces Downhill* Chapter One - Coming in September

Aug 06, 2015 - Screen Implosion announces the impending release of Downhill* Chapter One for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, an endless free fall on a minimal landscape with sparkling hidden surprises. The game launches in the App Store in early September. The landscape and overall concept of the game is based on minimalism. With extraordinary graphics, and addictive gameplay, Downhill* will make players come back for more. Fun for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos - Release Trailer Announcement

May 20, 2015 - Berlin based independent developer, Screen Implosion announces a new trailer for the forthcoming release of Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos, its new premium game title iOS devices. Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos is a high speed arcade space shooter game for iOS. AMASC challenges players to chase their highest score on short games of maximum 2 minutes period with an addictive loop between every game session. The release date is the 21st of May 2015 for iPhone and iPad exclusively.

Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos - Trailer Announcement

Mar 03, 2015 - Screen Implosion announces its first release, Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos will be out worldwide in mid 2015 for iPhone and iPad. The game is an arcade space shooter. Players control a ship and the goal is to attack the enemy worm. After each kill, the worm leaves behind a special weapon that players can collect to refill their weapon. Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos has a fantastic sense of progression, though players will need to retrieve their resources after death.