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Obsessive About Your Relationship? Having Constant Doubts and Fears?

Jun 18, 2016 - GG Apps announces GGRO: Relationship Doubt & Obsession (ROCD) 1.02 for iOS devices. Throw away negative thoughts. Approach positive ones. Learn to identify self talk and respond quickly. Train daily and improve. This is the core experience of GG Apps. The app offers 15 free levels to learn, understand and improve, one free daily training level, and 45 levels including topics such as doubt, uncertainty, regret and other relationship related statements.

Good Blocks for iOS trains users to improve their self-esteem

Nov 10, 2014 - Samuramu today introduces Good Blocks: Mood Training Game 1.0, its new psychological training game for iOS devices. Players are presented with blocks featuring self-talk statements and have to respond as quickly as possible by throwing the bad block, therefore rejecting it. When given a positive statement, players are expected to embrace it by pulling it towards themselves. As the game advances, more blocks appear simultaneously, mimicking a tetris-like frenzy.