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Major Update Released for Innovative Word Game Wordspionage

May 02, 2015 - Napland Games is proud to announce a major update for their game, Wordspionage, a multiplayer, turn-based word game with innovative spy-themed features that let you gain advantages over your opponents. Players can challenge up to three opponents in one game, pick standard placement of multipliers or random placement of multipliers, choose the time limit and word guess limit per turn, and play up to 30 games at once. New features in Wordspionage 2.00.01 include Chat, Rematch, and Quick Match.

Napland Games announces Sudoku In Space - Big update

Dec 22, 2014 - Napland Games has released v2.0 of their game, Sudoku In Space. Since its release in August, Sudoku In Space has been building a loyal fan base that loves its unique, colorful twist on Sudoku that's appealing to both novice and experienced Sudoku players. This update further separates Sudoku In Space from other Sudoku games in the market with an adventure story that players unlock as they solve puzzles, as well as hundreds of more puzzles, improved game design, and more great music.