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17 Year Old Gets Into iOS App Store Charts With His Game Type In Time

May 24, 2016 - 17 year old developer Ashley Burnett has successfully marketed his game "Type In Time" into the iOS App Store charts, after creating a Facebook advert that went viral. The game peaked on the UK Game charts at #86, the UK arcade charts at #37 and the UK word game charts at #4. In the US, he made it to #48 on the word games chart and in Australia became the #1 word game in the whole country. He hopes it continues to stay in the charts, however he requires more funding for his advertisements.

Type In Time - A REALLY Hard Mobile Game, Made by a 17 Year Old Kid

Mar 31, 2016 - Developer Ashley Burnett announces Type In Time 2.2, an important update to his challenging game for iOS and Android devices. Developed when he was 16 and released when he was just 17, the aim of the game is simple - you have just one second to type the three letter word that appears. The game pulls a random word from a list of 600 three lettered words and displays that word to the user. The user then has to type that word within one second or they lose the game.