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Launch of Endless Floater Arcade Game MICROGEE

Oct 09, 2015 - Independent game studio Moe Bull Corporation is proud to launch the dreamy, space-themed, arcade game MICROGEE on the App Store. Created by Darren Murtha, he was inspired by games that have the sensation of flight and popular minimalistic, retro, arcade games that feature simple, geometric obstacles and clever level design. MICROGEE is a dream in micro-gravity. The player changes gravity by tapping on either side of the screen.

Kids Getting a Math Question Wrong is Shocking

Jan 13, 2015 - Moe Bull Corporation announces MULTIFLY, Geek Beak's Mastery of the Times Table. Developed by a Dad that couldn't find any fun games that involved multiplication. In the game, Geek Beak flies in search of worms and answers. Flying past multiplication questions, Geek Beak tries to fly into correct clouds to avoid bad clouds and getting shocked by lightning! Show off your expertise of the times table and have a shocking good time. Version 1.0 is available on the Apple App Store starting today.