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Black and White - A Fast Paced Reflex Game Based on Colour Recognition

Jun 04, 2018 - Developer Dhanush Gowda announces Black and White: Reflex game 2.0 his new game for iOS devices. Black and White is an addictive and challenging game. A simple game play to understand but requires an attention throughout to make the score. This game is based on the three factors i.e. Unique, Challenging and Pace. One needs to be very much attentive and ready to face a challenge of color reorganization (recognition).

Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition App Fills Much Needed Gap in the Nutrition

May 04, 2018 - My Sports Dietician announces the release of Eat 2 Win - Sports Nutrition 0.9.49, their health and fitness app for iOS and Android devices. Eat 2 win is for everyone to promote health and fitness. It's very much useful in guiding the diet. The powerful tool enables a user at all levels of sports participation to build community, motivation and accountability while providing a variety of customized meal plans inclusive of vegan/vegetarian options along with 12,000 healthy restaurant choices.

Get 'She Power' With the Perfect Fertility Tracker

Apr 29, 2018 - Fertility Tracker 2.61 is a free app for iOS devices, which is designed for women to help keep track of their periods. This smart and simple app acts as a tracker and calendar to help women with their menstrual cycle. It also works as a helpful fertility calendar, pregnancy monitor and provides accurate ovulation details. This app helps in tracking the PMS symptoms for women.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest is a Healing Game With a Short Fable

Apr 16, 2018 - LittleBerryGames announces Little Berry Forest their entertaining game for iOS devices. A tale of little berry forest is a perfect healing game. The journey is all about the green forest, farming and cooking. It's a 100% handmade game. The journey in this game begins with two little cute characters among which one is a boy and another is the girl. Play this colorful game to have some unique entertainment.

Swipe Your Finger to Defend Your Throne in a Clash of Orbs

Apr 01, 2018 - Rogue Monkey Studio announces Clash of Orbs 1.0.7, their entertaining game for iOS devices. Clash of orbs is fantastic fighting game. It is easy to understand with more fun. Play and become worrier to protect your kingdom. The story is all about the Great Shadow, who cause trouble to our kingdom and destroy all our holy elements.

Scourby You Bible App The Ultimate Bible App With Text and Audio

Mar 24, 2018 - Litchfield Associates Ltd, Inc. announces Scourby YouBible 4.0.2 for iOS and Android devices. YouBible is your perfect Bible companion and caters to the user with functional, friendly and easy to use features, some of which are Patent Pending. Now people can access the Bible with Bible Apps that run on many different mobile devices and also and Audio Bible for Computers and Mp3 players.

Play Multiplayer Bingo Game Offline or Online

Mar 23, 2018 - Triviologic announces Bingo Tale 1.0.4 for iOS devices. The Bingo Tale game is all about the fun and entertainment. It's a perfect package for passing the time on any iOS device. It's an amazing user-friendly game. Play it and feel it. Pick any of them and play it. Lots of game apps are available for the mobiles. Daily, new games are developing to offer more and more fun to the user. One such is Bingo Tale.

Play the Minimal Puzzle Game btw. To Cross Challenging Levels

Mar 16, 2018 - Independent developer, Alexandr Kozlov announces btw. 1.0.1 his entertaining game for iOS touch devices. Btw. is an easy puzzle game. Anybody can play this game to enjoy the free time and relax the mind. There is nothing like rocket science in the game. There are no complex strategies in the game. If you want to feel the fun then play this game and have a fun experience.

Defeat the Ancient Evil and Save the Kingdom - Chaos Knight

Feb 10, 2018 - PiPo Studio announces Chaos Knight - Ninja Warrior 1.0.3, their exciting game for iOS devices. Action games have a different place & importance in the youngster's heart. Here we would like to introduce you to one such game that's called Chaos Knight. The game is all about the battle between the player's character & ancient evil. The player needs to fight in the heaven and save the kingdom.