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BorOv Development releases Movie Quiz for iPhone

Mar 08, 2011 - BorOv Development has released Movie Quiz 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Movie Quiz is a unique app that checks how well you know movies. You have to guess the film from a single frame of it. You are given 30 seconds to do this. Only true cinemaddicts will guess most of them. There are over 2500 movies and 40000 frames in our database. Support for OpenFeint will allow you to post your results to worldwide leaderboard and impress your friends, making the app even more addictive.

BorOv Development releases Who Is It? for iPhone

Apr 11, 2010 - BorOv Development has released "Who Is It?" for iPhone and iPod touch. The application is based on the painting "Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante" by chinese artists Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An. This extraordinary painting depicting 103 figures from world history in striking detail. If you can guess at least half of them it will be great result. You will get medals for good results, which you can show to your friends on facebook, twitter or send by mail.

BorOv Development releases Christmas Balls BOOM 1.2 for iPhone

Dec 31, 2009 - BorOv Development has released Christmas Balls BOOM 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch. Christmas Balls BOOM is a captivating puzzle game, which won't leave you indifferent. Your task is to find 4 identical christmas balls which are the corners of the rectangle. Then it will break! The larger rectangle you will find the more bonus points you will have. The types of balls increase as you go up the levels.