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Cody Simpon Fans to Vote on His Next Song Name Via Choosr iPhone App

May 12, 2015 - Australian/American teen idol Cody Simpson and British boy band The Wanted announce today that they will use the iPhone app "Choosr" to work out the best names for their upcoming songs. Under the agreement with Lexington Creative, Cody's four potential song names and The Wanted's three potential titles will not be revealed other than through the app. Choosr allows users to upload questions and also vote on other users' questions. The app is described as a free, instant crowdsourcing app.

Choosr for iOS makes crowd sourcing simple, effective and fun

Apr 28, 2015 - App development company, Lexington Creative today introduces Choosr 1.0, their ground-breaking new app for iOS devices. Choosr lets people easily and accurately crowdsource opinions on virtually anything. Users pose a question and upload up to 4 options, consisting of images and/or statements, while other users vote for their preferred option. To ensure targeted and accurate answers, uploaders can filter by age and sex, while users judging can select categories that interest them.