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Jumppy Dino 1.0 for iOS - Jump Over the Cacti With a Naughty Dino

Jul 27, 2015 - Ashus Lab announces the release of Jumppy Dino 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Jumppy Dino is a challenging jumping game that requires players to guide their naughty dino over desert cacti by tapping an jumping at just the right time. Jumping over cacti with a naughty dino is not as easy as it looks.The game becomes more challenging the more points a player scores. Speed will increase after every 150 points scored. Players are awarded medals according to their score.

Brain Drain - Mind Game 1.0 Offers 10 Challenging Brain Workout Games

May 25, 2015 - Ashus Lab has released Brain Drain - Mind Game 1.0, a challenging and fun collection of 10 brain games. Starting as a beginner, players level up their character by improving their total score. The ultimate aim is to reach the final "Expert Level" that only a few players can reach. Players will receive bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals according to their score. If you are looking for real mind exercises then Brain Drain is for you. Play this games and rock the leaderboard.