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Find Which Starlight is Yours With the Birth Star App for iOS

Apr 16, 2015 - Independent developer Matteo Montipo' has released the Birth Star app for iOS devices. The light from a star takes years to reach the earth, but how many years did it take for the light from your star to reach you? The nearest star is about 4 light years from the Earth, so it takes about 4 years for the light to reach our planet. If you knew which star to look at, you could see the light generated the day you were born. Find out which star is yours with Birth Star.

Producer Feed For iOS - News, Sounds, Software Releases, Latest Tracks

Apr 13, 2015 - Independent developer, Matteo Montipo has released the free Producer Feed app for iOS. The app allows any music producer to have news, sounds and software releases, latest tracks from Soundcloud,and more always at their fingertips. The app allows access to real time RSS feeds from Audioz, Proaudiozone, and EDM Network, as well as a music browser, music gears archive, and a complete music production online course, all in a single app. The app supports multiple languages, and the iPhone 6/6 Plus.