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iClassics releases iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading for iOS

Dec 01, 2017 - Barcelona based iClassics Collection today announces iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading for iOS. This is the second volume of iLovecraft, the interactive collection dedicated to the master of terror H.P. Lovecraft, and considered one of the best science fiction and terror stories of all time. Read, listen, play and move your device, to dive into the story like you've never done before. Immerse yourself in the bowels of one of the H.P. Lovecraft's most acclaimed stories in an unprecedented way.

iClassics Releases The Canterville Ghost (Oscar Wilde) Immersive Book

May 04, 2017 - iClassics Productions today introduces The Canterville Ghost (Oscar Wilde) Immersive Book 1.0 for iOS. This brand new iClassic is replete with comedy and chills, nuance, charm, and penned by one of the most canonical writers from the western literary tradition. Oscar Wilde shocked readers with his erudite parody & gut-punching wit. The Canterville Ghost is one of his best known and most loved works, being appropriate for all ages and generations, having charmed countless readers down the years.

iClassics apps Only $0.99 this weekend

Apr 21, 2017 - To get in the spirit of International Book Day, Barcelona-based iClassics Productions has slashed the price of its immersive reading apps on the App Store. The iClassics Collection offers a total of 9 immersive reading apps, meaning that the whole collection is available for under $10 this weekend. Bookworms can get in the bookish mood this weekend and on International Book Day thanks to the wealth of unique reading material iClassics Productions offers.

The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow Now Free

Mar 31, 2017 - This weekend, to celebrate the birthday of Washington Irving, The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow for iOS will be free for a limited time only. Using the unabridged and original Washington Irving text, the classic story is elevated to a whole new level, complete with artistic illustration, animation, interactivity, FX, and an original soundtrack recorded specifically for the story. iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone.

iClassics has gone crazy: $0.99 for every app

Feb 17, 2017 - iClassics Productions has decided to be crazily generous this weekend, and has reduced the price of every one of its apps from $4.99 to only $0.99. If you have ever wondered what an interactive and immersive reading experience is, then now is your time to find out. Try something wholly unique and original this weekend, and experience the innovative, diverse and mesmerising iClassics Collection. Be at the forefront of an explosive literary revolution!

iClassics Productions Launches a New Blog: iClassics Education

Dec 01, 2016 - The innovative digital publisher based in Barcelona, iClassics Productions, has launched a brand new blog: iClassics Education. The blog aims to inform educators, teachers and schools of the benefits of their unique immersive reading library The iClassics Collection on education. The homepage features a news feed both on what is happening with iClassics Productions in education and the benefits of technology and mobile devices for education, more generally.

iLondon Collection: Commemorative and Immersive Reading App

Nov 21, 2016 - iClassics Commemorates the anniversary of Jack London's death with a new immersive reading app for iOS devices. The iLondon Collection is the latest addition to the interactive iClassics library, which already includes the iPoe, iWilde, iDickens and iLovecraft collections. With the centenary of Jack London's death just around the corner (November 22), now is the perfect time to experience this canonical American writer like never before.

iClassics Productions Anniversary: Sherlock Holmes Free for Limited Time

Nov 11, 2016 - In celebrating its two-year anniversary, iClassics Productions makes the Interactive Adventures of Sherlock Holmes free for a limited time. This adaptation of the renowned detective allows the reader to interact with the mystery using all five of their senses. The app offers a unique interactive reading experience enriched with illustrations, sounds effects, animation and an original soundtrack. This fully-updated app now features The Sherlock Holmes Stickers, adapted for the iOS 10.

iClassics releases The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow for iOS

Oct 27, 2016 - Barcelona based iClassics Collection today introduces The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1.0.1 for iOS and Android devices. The infamous headless horseman has been brought to life in Washington Irving's original and creative work. This latest release is enriched with illustrations and high quality sound effects, as well as interactivity and spectacular soundtracks, enabling the readers to enjoy a completely immersive experience with the classic text.