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Epic Draw: The Physics-Based Puzzler for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire

Mar 16, 2017 - Swedish indie developer FreneticGamez today introduces Epic Draw - Physics Puzzle 1.0, their physics-based puzzler for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. Epic Draw challenges players to conquer each level by collecting all the blue jewels with their ball. Players use their finger to draw a line for the ball to roll on, making its way around the screen collecting the jewels. Sure, it's easy at first, but later levels will challenge even the most logical thinker.

Deep Sea: Subfighter 1.0 Has Dipped Down for iOS and Android Devices

Jul 17, 2015 - FreneticGamez announces the release of Deep Sea: Subfighter 1.0 for iOS and Android devices. Deep Sea: Subfighter is a new kind of submarine-game with upgrades, missions and boss fights, where players navigate the deep sea with their submarine and collect doubloons while avoiding incoming missiles and sink bombs. You need the doubloons to upgrade your submarine, or buy a shield or magnet. Featuring in-app purchases to help upgrade and conquer those missions and boss fights a bit quicker.