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Reddit News for Mac El Capitan - Get Time Specific Alerts of Reddit News

Jan 23, 2016 - AppYogi announces Readit News - App for Reddit News 1.0, their Reddit News Reader for Mac OS X. The Readit News works very similar to its counterpart, the News Headline. It allows users to be up to date of the latest Reddit news throughout the world at the convenience of their menu bar. It simply sits at the menu bar of smart devices and then they are able to get a quick peek of Reddit news all over the world within just one click.

Internet Status - Network Connection, Speed and Public IP Address On Mac

Oct 15, 2015 - AppYogi announces the release of Internet status - Network Connection Status on Your Menu Bar! 1.0 for Mac OS X. The app has been designed to allow internet users the ability to know the status of their Internet connection easily, as it is viewable directly from the menu bar. This utility adds a neat icon on the menu bar which lets users know the status of the connection and other stats like their Mac's IP address, upload and download speed, etc.

News Headlines - Menu bar App for Google News #2 Rank in Mac App Store

Aug 25, 2015 - AppYogi Software announces "News Headlines - Menu bar app for Google News 2.0713" for Mac OS X. News Headlines lets anyone get the latest breaking news easy with just a click in Mac menu bar. It is an app that makes it easy and convenient to learn about happenings around the world. News Headlines has reached an amazing feat of being top paid #2 rank in top paid and top grossing #4 rank. Version 2.0713 also offers a number of features including a new and revamped user interface.

Ethernet status - LAN connection status and IP address on your menu bar

Jul 10, 2014 - AppYogi Software announces the release of Ethernet Status - LAN network connection status for Mac OS X. The app lets users know and monitor their Ethernet status at all times. The menu bar prominently displays the Ethernet/LAN connection via a unique icon. Plus, the app displays the network's upload and download speeds so that users can monitor the amount of time it takes to complete their current tasks. The new version allows users to see their public IP address on the menu bar as well.