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MacNN Pointers eBook enjoys iBooks, Kindle chart success

Jan 12, 2016 - MacNN Pointers: Get More from Your Apple Software, by William Gallagher and Charles Martin, an eBook of Mac, iPhone and iPad tutorials from two of MacNN's writing team. In celebration of 20 years of MacNN, this specially curated and updated collection of tutorials shows you how to solve common problems, discover brilliant new features and get more out of Mac OS X and iPhone/iPad iOS. This eBook has stormed up the charts of online book stores across both sides of the Atlantic.

New Ebook: Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs

Nov 13, 2015 - Helping creatives and business people get more from their Apple hardware and software, a new ebook translates David Allen's corporate and paper-based Getting Things Done productivity method into specific and practical details of exploiting his ideas on iOS devices and Macs. "Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs" is for everyone who is carrying Apple gear and has too much on their plate. Author William Gallagher writes art, media and technology books plus Doctor Who radio dramas in England.