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BeatMirror for iOS Offers a Real-Time Way for Drummers to Stay on Beat

Jul 06, 2017 - Toronto-based indie development team Ten Kettles today announces BeatMirror: Beat detector for rhythm training 1.0, their new tempo-detection and training app for iOS devices. BeatMirror analyzes drum beats in real-time, displaying a drummer's tempo and other statistics as an aid to help the musician stay on the beat. Drummers just pick a target tempo and then start drumming. The app helps build internal rhythm skills, by indicating whether the beat is too fast or too slow.

Ear training app for sound engineers builds professional EQ skills (iOS)

Nov 03, 2016 - Toronto based Ten Kettles today announces hearEQ: Ear training for musicians and engineers 2.1.0 for iPhone and iPad. hearEQ uses your favourite tracks to create custom ear training exercises that teach you all about frequency bands while honing your practical equalizer (EQ) skills. Whether you're playing a live concert, mixing a recording, or even playing music through iTunes, professional EQ skills mean professional sound - period.

iPhone app teaches music theory to DIY musicians

Dec 09, 2015 - Ten Kettles Inc. today announces Waay: Music theory that matters 2.0.0 for iOS. Waay provides an applied, practical approach to learning music theory for songwriting. Similar to how other apps teach new languages, Waay uses a series of lessons and quizzes to teach the basics of music theory in a simple, fun and intuitive manner. Featuring interactive exercises with three achievement levels, Waay offers bite-sized video lessons that emphasize practical music theory, examples and more.