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Spontime - A Social Network with a Mission - Picked up in 82 Countries

Aug 05, 2016 - Spontime, a new app changing how millennials interact, has officially been picked up for usage in 82 countries. Compared to Snapchat by international media and called 'the social media nework that helps you spend less time on social media' by Digital Trends, Spontime focuses on real, instead of digital relationships and is the first startup in history that has created a global community of National Representatives from 75 different countries.

Spontime Sweeps Through Europe and Challenges Down To Lunch in USA

May 09, 2016 - Spontime, a new social networking mobile app created by a 21-year-old Karolina Demianczuk, has been evaluated to outrun the most popular meetup app in the U.S., Down To Lunch. Created to help friends locate each other and arrange spontaneous meetings for coffee, lunch or jogging and more, Spontime has received over $3M valuation from investors and has attracted a widespread media attention in Europe. Spontime is planned to me released in May.

21-Year-Old Student Releases an App and Receives Valuation of $3m

Mar 27, 2016 - Spontime, a new Social Networking Mobile App founded by 21-year-old Karolina Demianczuk, helps to make spontaneous plans with friends and enjoy more time together in real life. What pushed her to create Spontime were her broad experiences abroad. Users simply post what they feel like doing, and their friends can join them or not. Although the App is not yet released, it has already attracted attention of Angel Investors who valued the startup at $3 million.