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iLounge's 2013 Best of the Year Awards Fete Top Apple Gear, Developers

Nov 07, 2013 - To help prospective customers select the best Apple products, apps, and third-party accessories, iLounge has just released the 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide, its latest comprehensive guide to the world of Apple-related products. The Guide includes iLounge's annual Best of the Year Awards, issued this year across 16 categories. The 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide is available for immediate free download from iLounge in the popular, widely compatible PDF format.

iLounge's 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide Hits Record Size

Nov 06, 2013 - iLounge today debuted the 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide, a complete guide to every current iPad, iPhone, and iPod, as well as their best accessories & apps. Inspired by the visual style of Apple's iOS 7, this edition includes an impressive 224 pages full of insightful, comprehensive information on top speakers, cases, batteries, games, and much more. The 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide is available for immediate free download from iLounge in the popular, widely compatible PDF format.

iLounge Releases iPad + iPad mini Buyers' Guide

Mar 25, 2013 - After Apple's surprising late 2012 replacement of the iPad with Retina Display, accessory and app makers scrambled to release products for the new fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini. Today, hundreds of new options are available, and leading independent Apple publication iLounge has launched the iPad + iPad mini Buyers' Guide to cover the best of them. The guide offers a comprehensive look at new Lightning, Bluetooth, and iPad mini accessories, plus great apps, and expert tips.

iLounge Releases 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers' Guide

Nov 01, 2012 - Only weeks after the latest iPods and iPhone 5 hit stores, leading independent Apple authority iLounge today debuted the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers' Guide, a comprehensive look at Apple's pocket devices, plus top third-party accessories and apps. As the 19th publication in iLounge's multi-million-downloaded series of Buyers' Guides, this all-new edition includes 208 pages of insightful, well-researched information and reviews. Download it for free at iLounge.

iLounge Debuts Massive 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers' Guide

Nov 02, 2011 - Leading independent Apple authority iLounge has released the 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers' Guide, a new edition of the world's most popular guides to Apple's pocket devices, accessories, and apps. Redesigned and better than ever, the Guide now features a whopping 218 pages of incisive information, including expert selections of the best iPhone/iPod speakers, headphones, cases, batteries, and games, each with options accommodating any budget.

iLounge Announces Expanded iLounge + Mac

Aug 09, 2011 - As the world's leading independent authority on Apple's iPods, iPhones, and iPads, iLounge today announced the expansion of iLounge + Mac , its curated gallery devoted to Apple's Mac computers, accessories, and software. Soft-launched in March 2011 as a brand new section of the massive iLounge web site, iLounge + Mac has now grown to include hundreds of different items from leading developers, each hand-selected for excellence in design and/or functionality.

iLounge Launches iPad 2 Buyers' Guide

Jun 03, 2011 - iLounge today releases the iPad 2 Buyers' Guide, an amazing 146-page compendium of all things iPad. As the sequel to last year's million-plus-downloaded iPad Buyers' Guide, the iPad 2 Buyers' Guide helps readers quickly select the best of Apple's increasingly numerous iPad tablets, accessories, and apps. The Guide also includes world-exclusive sneak peeks at never-before-seen accessories from key Apple developers, and well as a special feature-length installment of the iDesign series.

iLounge Launches iPad Buyers' Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5

Jun 02, 2010 - Released today, iLounge's iPad Buyers' Guide has combined with The iPod + iPhone Book 5 to form an impressive 150-page look at all things iPod, iPhone, and iPad, providing readers with the ultimate resource for buying, maximizing, and even selling Apple's popular digital devices. Best of all, it's completely free. The Book also contains beautiful Around The World photographs and images of globe-trotting iPads, iPhones, and iPods submitted by iLounge readers, and much more.

2009's Sixteen Best iPod + iPhone Products Announced by iLounge

Nov 02, 2009 - The editors of iLounge proudly announce the winners of the prestigious iPod + iPhone Best of the Year Awards. From cases to speakers, games and applications, the Awards spotlight top picks across major Apple hardware and software categories, and were selected by iLounge's editors without any influence from advertisers, Apple, or other interests. Recipients were selected purely on the basis of merit from thousands of candidates, and represent the outstanding efforts of small and large developers.