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Multitouch Whiteboard 1.0 released - Revolutionary whiteboard for iPad

Sep 24, 2010 - Introducing Multitouch Whiteboard 1.0, the newest release from Shifting Mind that reinvents whiteboards on the iPad. With Multitouch Whiteboard you can do anything from just doodling mindlessly to elaborate brain storming. Multitouch Whiteboard lets you draw with up to 10 fingers and has convenient tools for drawing rectangles, ellipses or writing text. Store up to 9 different whiteboards and customize the markers for your convenience.

Shifting Mind releases Amazed 3D 1.0 - Fun and challenging iPhone Game

Oct 05, 2009 - Shifting Mind today announces Amazed 3D 1.0, its its extremely fun and addictive maze game for iPhone and iPod touch. Amazed 3D takes the "ball in a maze" experience to the extreme. Navigate the maze by tilting the device to reach the target in the shortest time possible. Obtain any of three trophies to collect points and advance to the next level. Amazed 3D offers a polished experience combining high quality 3D graphics along with 33 levels with different skins.