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Green - Budget Forecasting now available on iPad

Dec 06, 2016 - CoopToons today announces Green - Budget Forecasting 1.5, an update to their personal budgeting app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Green lets you keep track of when your lowest balance will occur and how low it will be. Green will forecast your balance changes for the next year showing how much of it you can spend safely. Avoid late fees and over-draft fees. Spend safely with Green! Now available on iPad, version 1.5 includes minor bug fixes and offers an updated UI.

Green - Budget Forecasting v1.2 Makes Personal Finance Easy

Oct 28, 2016 - CoopToons announces Green - Budget Forecasting v1.2 is now available on Apple iOS for $2.99. Green solves many of the problems that plague other budget apps. It's simple to use, beautifully designed, and forward thinking. Green will help you spend safely by showing you how a purchase today will change your balance up to year from now. The app is geared toward those who want to be financially secure but hate all the work that goes into setting up a budget and sticking to budget categories.

Green - Budget Forecasting app release for iOS to help people spend safe

Oct 11, 2016 - CoopToons today introduces Green - Budget Forecasting 1.0, their new personal budgeting app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Simple-to-use and beautifully designed, Green shows users the three most important balances they need to know. With Green, users will know their lowest anticipated balance within the next year, today's predicted balance after current pending transactions and the balance that should be sitting in their bank account right now.