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Backyard Safari: Kids and Bugs - A Fun Way To Learn Words In 6 Languages

Aug 06, 2012 - HolaBoss Games released Backyard Safari: Kids and Bugs for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This app is presented as a fun activity book for children but is, in fact, a feature rich educational tool geared toward teaching early language learning skills. With a fun and attractive interface, the app uses interactive vignettes, coloring pages and classic memory games to teach close to 50 words in 6 languages in a way that children learn most readily, through play.

iPivot for iOS Puts Excel Spreadsheet Data At Users' Fingertips

Aug 06, 2012 - Carnivore Solutions recently announced the release of iPivot 1.1 for iPad users. This revolutionary app unlocks the power to import, analyze, manage and share spreadsheet data on the iPad. Users who have clamored for the ability to break free of their laptops can now set up pivot tables with simple drag and drop operations, and slice and dice their spreadsheet data any time, and anywhere. The app is easy to use, adding familiar spreadsheet management features with the intuitive iOS interface.

Agent Express Lets Users Manage Detailed Sales Data On The Go

Jul 31, 2012 - Lippolis Domenico has announced the release of Agent Express 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is the first and only app of its kind in the App Store, giving users the ability to manage sales orders, clients' personal data and more from their device. Busy sales people can now record new orders, review old or repeating orders, and generate detailed sales reports from anywhere in the world without an internet connection.

Drum Loops HD Lets iOS Users Add a Live Drummer To GarageBand

Jul 31, 2012 - Go Independent Records recently released Drum Loops HD 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This app adds a new layer of excitement to GarageBand and other popular digital audio workstations by allowing users to add a real drummer to the mix with a simple copy/paste operation. Where most other apps offer only programmed drum sounds, Drum Loops HD gives users more than 700 drum loops, recorded by Hans Eijkenaar, Holland's first call session drummer, at Sound Vision Studios in Arnhem.

Best Fishing Times - Best Times To Fish For Any Date, Any Location

Jul 26, 2012 - K Solution LLC has announced the release of Best Fishing Times 2.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This all in one fishing app contains all the information anglers need to consistently reel in more and bigger fish. Best Fishing Times 2.1 uses moon phase, moon rise, moon set and other known indicators to let users know the best time of any day to catch fish in any location in the world. The app includes weather conditions and forecasts, a graphical sun and moon simulator, and more.

InstaFeedCleaner Lets Users Easily Streamline Their InstaGram Feed

Jul 26, 2012 - SunnarSoft Ltd recently released InstaFeedCleaner 1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This app gives users a quick and thorough overview of their InstaGram followers and their recent activity toward their photos. Users can easily see who comments on or "Likes" their pictures and who doesn't. InstaFeedCleaner 1.1 also gives users an in-app option to "Unfollow" those people who do not interact, trimming their IG feed to just show pictures from followers they want to see.

Cards On Palm for iOS Keeps Bank Card Data Organized And Secure

Jul 09, 2012 - IK Media Inc. recently released Cards On Palm 1.03 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This app helps users keep their credit and debit card information accessible, organized and, thanks to its use of the AES 256 bit secure encryption algorithm, it is more secure than any other app in the App Store. Cards On Palm also includes a database of bank contact numbers to report lost or stolen cards, and maps to help users quickly locate nearby ATM's and bank branches.

iBouquiniste for iPad Gives Users Complete Control Of Their Ebooks

Jul 09, 2012 - Andrey Snetkov has recently released of iBouquiniste 1.2 for iPad users. This update includes a new table of contents, recognition of italic and bold print, and full support for the iPad's innovative retina display. iBouquiniste 1.2 features an easy to use UI, and clean display that is uncluttered by unnecessary settings and controls. It's currently the only iPad book reader that supports the FB2 book format, and lets users maintain complete control over the display settings of their books.

iXcuseme Is A Fun Way To End Unwanted Phone Calls

Jul 09, 2012 - Centre of the Universe has announced the release of iXcuseme 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This universal app gives users a fun way to end awkward or unwanted phone calls without offending the caller. iXcuseme 1.0 contains 14 different sound effects that act as ready-made excuses to end a phone call. The sound effects range from plausible reasons to hang up the phone, like a ringing doorbell or crying baby, to outrageously funny, like a trumpeting elephant in the yard.