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Extensive Research Lends Realism to Blood Beach

Nov 09, 2009 - Coresoft today announces Blood Beach 1.0, a simulated World War 2 game for iPhone and iPod Touch users. As much research as is humanly possible has gone into giving Blood Beach a true-life feel. Weapon firing, flight attack patterns, audio sounds, enemy behavior, ammunition and weaponry are all based on actual real life models. There are twenty different missions to be completed and users can keep track of their scores, as well as compete against others, online.

Lost Revenue Saved with Gas Log - MPG Fuel Tracker

Nov 06, 2009 - Big Blue Clip today released Gas Log - MPG Fuel Tracker 1.5 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Gas Log - MPG Fuel Tracker keeps track of gas and mileage for multiple vehicles, all in one convenient spot. You always have your mileage and expenses at hand, which you can view by trip or year, break downs per vehicle or as totals. Via an easy to use interface, individuals enter their data into their iPhone or iPod Touch, rather than stuffing receipts into pockets or something similar.

Variety the Spice of Checkers! Life

Nov 06, 2009 - OutOfTheBit today announced Checkers! 1.2.4, their versatile and highly customizable game app for iPhone and iPod Touch. OutOfTheBit, turns an age old favorite into a versatile, modern gaming experience. Checkers! four different playing rules, drag and drop playing, choice of three languages and varying graphic features makes Checkers! a unique application for gamers everywhere.

Sorty is What Happens When Bejeweled Meets Tetris

Nov 05, 2009 - syncRage today released Sorty 1.1, morphing two concepts to create new gaming excitement for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Although it has a basic concept that involves rapid relocation or chaining of colored balls, the speed and split second strategizing involved seems to be very pleasing to syncRage customers. Bejeweled and Tetris may have been the inspiration for Sorty but there's nothing old school about the app.

iBody Handing Out Treats for Halloween

Oct 30, 2009 - iHanWel today announced a Halloween celebration for iBody. On October 31st, iBody is being offered at a 40% price reduction over the weekend. After November 1st, the price will return to normal. The 40% price reduction for this Cadillac of fitness apps is considered a real treat. The famous iBody app has pledged to do what it can to help people regain their health and fitness levels after enjoying the candy.