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Easily Screenshot Same Selection Area With Screenshot Auto-Rename

Nov 04, 2017 - The Software Hub announces Screenshot Auto-Rename 1.4, an important update to the company's easy-to-use screenshot capturing utility for macOS. The update adds new features for its famous screen-capture utility to give users better control on their screenshots. In addition to the rich feature set, "Screenshot Previous Selection" allows users to precisely screenshot the same area on the screen without having to select it again.

Screenshot Auto-Rename for Mac - Take Full Control of Your Screenshots

Jul 05, 2017 - The Software Hub releases Screenshot Auto-Rename 1.3, an important update to its easy-to-use screenshot capturing utility for OS X. Screenshot Auto-Rename will name your screenshot according to the snapped window's name, or alternatively gives you the option to manually choose the destination folder and rename the screenshot before it is saved. If you don't want to save the screenshot, you can snap it directly to your clipboard. In version 1.3, users can now select their default folder.