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QuickLicense 3.0 Software License Protection

Oct 24, 2008 - QuickLicense 3.0 empowers developers to protect and manage any software license for Mac or Windows applications. The product includes an API for complete developer control and the AddLicense tool to wrap compiled applications within a protective license with no programming required.

MarketBuddy 2.0 released for Mac and Windows

Sep 18, 2008 - Excel Software is shipping MarketBuddy 2.0 to automate marketing. Users now have custom fields, checkboxes and choices in contact records, form creation, data entry and printing, quick contact load and search without typing and custom web forms to collect contacts with no programming skills required.

ClickInstall 1.0 for Mac OS X

Jul 24, 2008 - ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers for Mac software with basic computer skills. An installer can be double-clicked on a CD to begin installation without confusing disk images created on the computer.

QuickLicense 2.2 Adds Drag & Drop License Protection

Feb 24, 2008 - Excel Software announces an innovative new tool to protect and license software. A software vendor can drag and drop a Windows or Macintosh application onto the AddLicense desktop icon to wrap it with any license configured from QuickLicense. The QuickLicense customer database capacity and performance has been increased and the Site edition supports multiple databases and users.

MarketBuddy 1.1 for Windows and Mac OS X

Feb 20, 2008 - Excel Software enhanced MarketBuddy for Mac OS X and Windows. MarketBuddy reduces the human effort required to market any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet. Version 1.1 increases contact capacity, reduces memory requirements and enhances performance. It adds powerful commands for managing groups of contacts, supporting multiple databases and users. A marketing contact list and tutorial movie are available.

QuickCRC Software Design Tool with CRC Cards

Jan 05, 2008 - QuickCRC automates software design with CRC cards. The new release supports Windows Vista, Universal Binaries on Mac OS X and other enhancements. QuickCRC MacOSX 2.0 is a Universal Binary application optimized for both PPC and Intel based Mac OS X computers. The new application and help system runs over three times faster on new Intel based machines.

QuickUML 3.0 - UML Design Tool

Dec 08, 2007 - Excel Software is shipping QuickUML 3.0 to design object-oriented software with a highly integrated, core set of UML models. The new release supports Universal Binaries for Mac OS X, Windows Vista plus new diagram presentation features, C++, Java, Delphi, Objective-C and PHP code generation, integrated help system and user guide.

MarketBuddy for Windows and Mac OS X

Oct 28, 2007 - Excel Software is shipping MarketBuddy 1.0 for Mac OS X and Windows. MarketBuddy can reduce the human effort required to market any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet. It stores and organizes marketing contact information, then automates common marketing activities. The Documents panel organizes and stores newsletters, press releases and other text documents. The Emails panel organizes and stores lists of email addresses.

RbApp 2.1 for REALbasic Developers

Oct 26, 2007 - Excel Software is shipping RbApp 2.1 for REALbasic developers. RbApp is a collection of reusable classes for developing Mac OS X and Windows software using the REALbasic programming language from REAL Software. RbApp can substantially reduce the development cost of any application that requires graphics, page layout, grids, text editing, undo/redo commands, tool bars and palettes, string lists, application help, license management, XML storage, cross-platform file management, charts or graphs.