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ExcelRT Builder 2.0 Allows Spreadsheet Author to Become App Developer

Jul 22, 2019 - ExcelRT 2.0 adds ExcelRT Builder for developers. Use ExcelRT Builder to polish a converted Excel workbook or author a new workbook based solution that can be delivered as a standalone App on macOS, Windows or Linux. A Microsoft Excel workbook can be converted to ExcelRT format using a free conversion tool. Using ExcelRT Builder, the workbook can be refined into a finished application.

Excel Software Ships MacA&D 5.1 & MacTranslator 4.1 for Software Design

Dec 19, 2018 - Excel Software announces major enhancements to MacA&D for software design and requirements management. The companion MacTranslator tool generates design models from source code for procedural, object-oriented and SQL languages. Both are now 64-bit apps delivered by a 64-bit, Code Signed installer is enhanced for use on macOS Mohave. These tools support almost all popular software design methods and notations.

XojoApp Desktop 5.0 - Components for Xojo Developers

Dec 02, 2018 - Excel Software announced XojoApp Desktop 5.0 for Xojo programmers. XojoApp Desktop 5.0 is a class library enhanced for compatibility with the latest Xojo 2018R3 IDE and earlier builds. It adds a new Cloud License component for software licensing. XojoApp Desktop supports both 32 and 64-bit Apps.

Create a Floating License Server for Any App

Nov 12, 2018 - Excel Software announces QuickLicense Server 2.0 for macOS and Windows. A developer can generate a vendor-branded, floating license system for their Mac, Windows or Linux applications. Generate a vendor-branded, code signed, floating license system in minutes with royalty free distribution for any number of products or licenses.

QuickLicense 9 Adds Code Signing, Interface and License Enhancements

Oct 01, 2018 - Excel Software announces QuickLicense 9. QuickLicense 9 adds code signing, user interface, licensing and new OS enhancements to macOS and Windows desktop applications. New Payment, Feedback and Settings features are available for ExcelRT, Excel workbook or MS Access projects.

Protect & Code-Sign 32 and 64-bit Mac and Windows Apps With AppProtect

Aug 22, 2018 - Excel Software announces AppProtect 5.0 to protect Mac or Windows software. AppProtect 5 generates a 32-bit or 64-bit protected App for a MAX music application, Unity game, Excel spreadsheet or any compiled Mac or Windows app. Users Code Sign the app during the build process. AppProtect applies protection with an offline or automated online activation process to a compiled application in minutes without programming.

ClickInstall 5.0 Builds 64-Bit macOS Installer with Code Signing

May 26, 2018 - ClickInstall 5 creates a new 64-bit software installer for macOS computers with 10.9 or later. Code sign applications, libraries and the installer itself during the build process. Create a simple installer in 5 minutes. Set a few options, point to the Source folder holding the files you want to install to the Applications folder and click the Build button. ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers with basic computer skills.

Excel Software Ships FileMaker, Xojo and Xcode Plugins for Licensing

Mar 23, 2018 - FileMaker and Xojo plugins and the Xcode library have been enhanced to support the latest QuickLicense 8 features for protection and licensing of Mac and Windows desktop apps. Both 32 and 64-bit FM plugins are included plus enhancements like InApp credit card payments.

ExcelRT 1.1 Creates Apps from Excel Workbooks

Jan 09, 2018 - Excel Software is shipping ExcelRT 1.1 with enhancements for creating standalone desktop and mobile apps from an Excel workbook. Any Microsoft Excel user without programming experience can become an app developer for Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS for iPhone or iPad. ExcelRT 1.1 adds platform specific default sheet, vendor branding, HiDPI support and new website scripting commands for email, upload, file sharing and messaging.