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Excel Software Ships FileMaker, Xojo and Xcode Plugins for Licensing

Mar 23, 2018 - FileMaker and Xojo plugins and the Xcode library have been enhanced to support the latest QuickLicense 8 features for protection and licensing of Mac and Windows desktop apps. Both 32 and 64-bit FM plugins are included plus enhancements like InApp credit card payments.

ExcelRT 1.1 Creates Apps from Excel Workbooks

Jan 09, 2018 - Excel Software is shipping ExcelRT 1.1 with enhancements for creating standalone desktop and mobile apps from an Excel workbook. Any Microsoft Excel user without programming experience can become an app developer for Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS for iPhone or iPad. ExcelRT 1.1 adds platform specific default sheet, vendor branding, HiDPI support and new website scripting commands for email, upload, file sharing and messaging.

ExcelRT Generates Standalone Apps from Excel Workbooks

May 19, 2017 - Excel Software announces the ExcelRT development environment for Microsoft Excel workbook developers. ExcelRT makes it possible for a Microsoft Excel user without programming experience to become an App developer. Create standalone Apps for Mac, Window, Linux or mobile platforms. Apply protection, licensing, icon, splash screen and a custom user experience.

XojoApp Software Components for Xojo Developers

Feb 27, 2017 - Excel Software announces XojoApp iOS 1.0 and XojoApp Desktop 4.1 for Xojo programmers. These pure Xojo code components require no plugins and can be used in almost any programming project. XojoApp iOS 1.0 is a component library for iOS apps created in Xojo. XojoApp Desktop 4.1 is an updated version of the previously named RbApp product for use in 32 or 64-bit Mac and Windows desktop applications.

Excel Software Ships MacA&D 5 and MacTranslator 4 to Software Developers

Jun 04, 2016 - MacA&D 5 and MacTranslator 4 add design, code generation and reengineering features for the Apple Swift programming language. Major enhancements and new manuals support UML, BPM, data flow diagrams and other methods. MacA&D is for requirements management and software design. The companion MacTranslator tool generates design models from source code for procedural, object-oriented and SQL languages.

Excel Software Ships QLRT Xcode 3.0 for Objective-C and Swift Developers

Apr 19, 2016 - Excel Software announces QLRT Xcode 3.0 for Objective-C and Swift developers creating Mac OS X software. QLRT Xcode 3.0 adds new QuickLicense 8.0 runtime features for protection and licensing of Mac software created by Objective-C and Swift programmers using the Apple Xcode development environment. QLRT Xcode is used in conjunction with QuickLicense. Xcode programmers get a quick, integrated licensing solution.

Protect and License Spreadsheets, Plugins, Games and Desktop Apps

Apr 11, 2016 - QuickLicense 8 adds major enhancements for software protection and licensing with new spreadsheet protection feature, Microsoft Access support, application usage statistics and end-user interface enhancements. QuickLicense supports an API or wrapping approach to protect virtually any software on Mac, Windows or Linux. A license can be applied to any kind of digital product (application, plugin, library, game or spreadsheet) using the AddLicense wrapping tool or programming API.

Protect and Sell Documents for Use on Mac, Windows or Android

Feb 03, 2016 - DocProtect 5 applies device specific licensing to popular documents on Mac, Windows or Android devices. Protect training courses, research reports, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and eBooks. DocProtect converts a document into a protected application. Version 5 adds the ability to generate a 32 or 64 bit Mac or Windows application, to support larger videos and bigger HTML based applications.

OfficeProtect 3.0 Secures an Excel Spreadsheet with Activation

Jan 24, 2016 - Excel Software has announced OfficeProtect 3.0, an important update to their application used to protect and license Microsoft Excel documents. Generate a Mac or Windows application from an Excel workbook that activates on a specific computer and works with 32 or 64-Bit Excel 2007 or later on Windows or Mac Office 2011 or 2016. The new release supports Mac Office 2011 or 2016 and adds an additional layer of protection.