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CLIX is Now Available

May 23, 2021 - Rixstep are pleased to announce the immediate release of CLIX, their popular freeware software package. CLIX, the 'command line interface for OS X', is enhanced in the new version with additional security features and further commands bringing the tally to 1,979.

macOS Tag Editor Offers a Better Way to Categorize Files and Directories

Jul 14, 2017 - Stockholm-based indie developer, Rixstep today announces Rixtag 2.4, an important feature update to their macOS tag editor. Rixtag helps anyone rethink how they store and categorize their files and directories. It allows users to edit macOS-based tags on files of any type, including regular files, directories, and more. By tagging files with descriptive tags, Rixtag makes it easier to search for and find files on their Mac's massive internal and external hard drives.