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Based in San Francisco, California, Appency was established in 2009 by Aaron Watkins & Liz Jones. In marketing and PR of mobile applications, we are a team of professional mobile marketers dedicated to helping application developers make a big noise! We are award-winning marketers obsessed with the world of mobile applications. Combined, the partners at Appency have over 20 years of experience marketing in the mobile world. We've been a part of, and worked with, some of the biggest brands in the business. And now we're on your side.
RedRover App Aims to Teach Children Empathy Towards Animals

May 19, 2016 - Sacramento Non-Profit RedRover today launches The Restricted Adventures of Raja children's app to promote empathy and extend their popular RedRover Readers program from schools to consumers. E-Books for Empathy 1.0 is an innovative app to help kids ages 7 to 11 practice empathy skills. Parents & educators can use questions woven into the story to help kids identify the behaviors and emotions of animal and human characters and imagine how the characters are feeling, skills necessary for empathy.

Guru Arcade releases Pop Rocket Rescue - Interplanetary Stacking Puzzler

May 05, 2016 - Toronto based Guru Arcade today introduces Pop Rocket Rescue 1.0, their new game title developed for iOS and Android devices. Pop Rocket Rescue is a strategic stacking puzzler where players are tasked with rescuing Fizzies, a species of soda pop-producing aliens scattered across 13 uniquely challenging worlds. Players must build a tower using different shapes, while contending with gravity as they try to build in a way that keeps their friends safe.

Stories by Gus on the Go Brings the Fun of Language Learning Back

Feb 02, 2016 - toojuice, LLC today introduces Stories by Gus on the Go 1.0.2, their new educational app for iOS devices. Stories by Gus on the Go helps users establish an elementary understanding of the language through basic grammar and vocabulary development. Featuring Interactive lessons and entertaining games, children will travel through familiar and timeless short stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Little Pigs, learning a new language along the way.

Music for Aardvarks Children's App Rocks its Way to Mobile Devices

Oct 14, 2015 - Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox allows kids to listen to six albums worth of their favorite Weinstone songs. Additionally, every song comes with a corresponding coloring page created by acclaimed artist Stephen Kroninger, inspired by the songs themselves. Kids will also be able to use six unique coloring buddies, like the fruit-throwing monkey or the paint-splashing dog, to fill in each picture, ensuring that no two creations will look the same.

After 9 Million Installs, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles comes to the iPhone

Sep 19, 2015 - XIMAD announces the release of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles 2.2, an important update to their jigsaw puzzle app for iOS devices. Now, one of the iPad's most popular family apps will now fit comfortably in your pocket. The game features more than 20,000 jigsaw puzzles presented in high definition, and allows users to create and share new puzzles using their own photos and images. Today's update allows fans to create, solve, and share jigsaw puzzles on their iPhones for the very first time.

Farming Simulator 16 Arrives on iOS, Android

Aug 05, 2015 - GIANTS Software GmbH today announces Farming Simulator 16 for iOS and Android devices. Players can operate tractors and machines, raise, harvest, and sell crops, and master their land - all from the comfort of their favorite mobile device. In addition to crops, farmers can feed sheep and cows to sell wool and milk. Farming Simulator 16 is unmatched in features, giving mobile gamers new crops to plant, new machines to drive, access to forestry and more.

Social Prenup App Seeks to Prevent Revenge Porn and Online Embarrassment

Mar 19, 2015 - California based Private Social LLC today introduces Social Prenup 1.0 for iOS and Android. Social Prenup aims to help stem the practice of revenge porn, by giving anyone the ability to quickly create a legally enforceable contract between two individuals. The contract requires someone to obtain consent before distributing photos or videos of a person on social media or other websites. These features give the user back some control about the public face they present to the world.

Bastei Entertainment's Multimedia Project Netwars Unveils New Update

Jan 22, 2015 - Bastei Entertainment today announces The Butterfly Attack 2.0.3, an update to their 3D graphic novel app for iOS and Android. Created by award-winning British novelist and screenplay writer M. Sean Coleman and the German production company Filmtank. In The Butterfly Attack, Coleman merges facts and actual events to create a captivating and visually stunning fictional story about a team of hackers hired to conduct a mock cyberwar exercise that goes terribly wrong.

New Year, New Kamino: Kamino Labs Rolls Out Big Changes for 2015

Jan 13, 2015 - Kamino Labs today rolls out a new version of their app and website with new and updated features, just in time for the new year. Created by explorers, the Kamino walking tour app is the ultimate way for locals and tourists to embark on an urban adventure. With Kamino explorers can unlock an authentic city experience, fully equipped with user-generated information like detailed area descriptions, photos, GPS enabled maps, and recommendations from travel experts and locals.