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Based in San Francisco, California, Appency was established in 2009 by Aaron Watkins & Liz Jones. In marketing and PR of mobile applications, we are a team of professional mobile marketers dedicated to helping application developers make a big noise! We are award-winning marketers obsessed with the world of mobile applications. Combined, the partners at Appency have over 20 years of experience marketing in the mobile world. We've been a part of, and worked with, some of the biggest brands in the business. And now we're on your side.
Bring Personal Photos to Life with New iOS App Cam Animate

Dec 04, 2014 - By combining photo sharing with lighthearted animations, Half Click Studios has given users a whole new way to keep in touch with their loved ones. Whether wishing mom Happy Birthday or just saying hello to a friend, Cam Animate 1.0 offers a fun way to create and share digital greetings. The perfect message can be created by simply uploading a picture and overlaying it with an animation, banner or text. Users can record their own voiceover or select their favorite song to play alongside it.

Team Rocket Connects San Diego With New Photo Discovery App

Dec 02, 2014 - Residents of greater San Diego are invited to connect with their community through Rocket, a new social network for urban discovery from Team Rocket. With the app, users can get photographic insights into what's happening in their city and where the best local hotspots are. To use Rocket, 'Rocketers' simply snap, edit, and share photos to showcase what's happening around them at any given moment. Each photo shared on Rocket is automatically displayed on a geo-targeted map.

SplashData Releases New Update to Their Cross-Platform Password Manager

Nov 13, 2014 - SplashData today announces SplashID 8.0.4, an update to their wildly popular password management app for iOS and Android devices. Think of SplashID as your personal vault or digital wallet on the iPhone or iPad. You can store and lock sensitive information - not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more. Version 8.0.4 introduces new security measures and additional convenient features.

Butterball Unveils Newly Redesigned Butterball Cookbook Plus App

Nov 03, 2014 - Butterball, LLC today announces Butterball Cookbook Plus 4.0, its newly redesigned meal-planning app for iOS and Android users. Butterball has completely transformed the look and feel of its top-rated cooking app to give Turketarians everywhere easy access to hundreds of recipes, tools and tips to make cooking a complete Thanksgiving feast, or a weeknight family meal, a breeze. The app provides Turketarians with cooking tools like conversion charts and substitution lists, how-to videos and more.

DreamWalk Makes Waves With The Release of Their New iOS Game Surfy

Sep 25, 2014 - DreamWalk Interactive today introduces Surfy 1.0 for iOS, their new turbo charged surf adventure. Surfy is a fast paced and strongly addictive ride reminiscent of 8bit classics such as California Games. Players must stay ahead of the break while navigating exotic locations, performing tricks and collecting power-ups to compete for a spot on the leaderboard. Coins are redeemable in the 'Surf Shop' for upgraded boards and power-ups for invincibility, gravity-defying jumps, power boosts and more.

PromptSmart Launches as First Teleprompter App with Voice Recognition

Aug 14, 2014 - Belleau Technologies LLC today introduces PromptSmart 1.0, a revolutionary app that transforms your iPhone or iPad into a fully functioning teleprompter. PromptSmart takes the stress out of public speaking. With VoiceTrack voice recognition technology, PromptSmart will follow your every word during your speech, automatically scrolling as you speak. For less structured presentations, stay on-point with the built-in digital notecards to make sure you address important topics seamlessly.

Music Industry Veterans Launch Mobile Artist Simulation Game TourStar

Aug 12, 2014 - Conceptualized by Brandon Pankey of Music Players Group and brought to life with the help of Eddie Meehan of GroundCtrl, TourStar is the first iOS SIM game of its kind to bring tour life and the perks and challenges that come with it to the mobile screen. Record albums, book tours, and build a fan base to make it big in this real life music simulation game. As the game progresses players learn that just like in real life, every decision they make has an impact on their career in some way.

AI Athena Launches New Mobile Celebrity Discovery App StarSnap

Jul 24, 2014 - Stay up-to-date with the latest celebrity and pop culture news. Developed by AI Athena LLC, StarSnap Celebrity Finder 1.2 for iPhone enables fans to find and connect with their favorite actors, musicians and athletes in whole new way. Users can snap a picture from virtually anywhere, including computers and tablets, advertisements, or even TV screens, and immediately pull up a celeb's info. Users can even take a "selfie" and upload it to the app to see which celebrity they resemble most.

Netwars Blends Fact and Fiction in a New Cross-Platform Entertainment

May 15, 2014 - Bastei Entertainment today introduces The Butterfly Attack, an interactive graphic novel app available for iOS and Android users. Created by award-winning British novelist and screenplay writer M. Sean Coleman, The Butterfly Attack graphic novel app is just one component of the Netwars Project, a cross-platform, fact-based, multimedia experience that uses fictional characters to explore the very real threat of digital warfare in today's technologically driven society.