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Based in San Francisco, California, Appency was established in 2009 by Aaron Watkins & Liz Jones. In marketing and PR of mobile applications, we are a team of professional mobile marketers dedicated to helping application developers make a big noise! We are award-winning marketers obsessed with the world of mobile applications. Combined, the partners at Appency have over 20 years of experience marketing in the mobile world. We've been a part of, and worked with, some of the biggest brands in the business. And now we're on your side.
Supply Houses Lets You Find the Materials You Need for Any Job, Anywhere

Jun 11, 2019 - Sacramento based indie developer, Luke Burgess releasees Supply Houses 1.1.4, a major update to his mobile app for contractors. Whether you are working locally or out of town, Supply Houses makes finding the materials you need for the job simple and quick. Prepare for out of town jobs early or use the easy search feature and automated map on-the-go. Contractor on the go? Supply Houses even lists local hotels. Version 1.1.4 adds In-App purchases for Materials Calculators.

Australian Psychologist’s App is Putting Stressed People to Sleep

Dec 04, 2018 - Renowned Australian psychologist, Mark Grant releases Sleep Restore 1.1.3 for iOS and Android. Uniquely designed for sufferers of stress-related insomnia, Sleep Restore harnesses the power of bilateral stimulation to turn off tension and worry to help restore normal sleep functioning. On first use, the app evaluates issues causing a person to suffer from insomnia and then selects a specialized set of audio treatments for them to listen to as they lay down to sleep.

As Cold and Flu Season Begins, OnCure App Helps Parents Prevent Mistakes

Nov 06, 2018 - Myrtus Enterprises LLC releases OnCure 1.2, an update to the company's popular med app for iOS devices. OnCure is an easy-to-use, pediatrician approved tool to keep an accurate medication schedule for your child when they are sick. Parents don't need to remember anything, set reminders, take notes, or even update other caregivers. OnCure does it all for you. The app will notify you of the right dose and timing and seamlessly update all other caregivers so that everyone is kept on the same page.

Influence Mobile Proves that Rewarded Engagement is the Future of Mobile

Oct 17, 2018 - App analytics and ad tracking leader AppsFlyer names Influence Mobile and their unique Rewarded Engagement model to this year's Performance Index awards as Up & Comer in the United States. Influence Mobile started out their company with the development of apps specifically targeted to female sports fans that also like to play games on their phone. Rewarded Engagement works is by providing customers a reward in one app, for what they do in another app.

Older Children Teach Younger Children Languages with Little Chatterbox

Aug 01, 2018 - UK based The Appy Learning Company Ltd today releases Little Chatterbox for Kids 2.0, the company's popular children's educational app for iOS devices. Little Chatterbox is a unique language learning app that allows kids to interact in an educational, fun, and productive setting. Older children who are native speakers act as virtual teachers to teach younger children as many as 300 words through repetition and mini games in another language.

Watermark and Share Videos from Your Phone with UptiiQ's Latest Update

Sep 07, 2017 - EuclidIQ, LLC today announces UptiiQ 2.0, an important feature update to their popular video tools mobile app for iOS and Android devices. UptiiQ aims to be a one-stop-shop for posting videos to social media. Version 2.0 sports three major new features for videos creators, including a new tool to add custom watermarks to videos. UptiiQ's new features add to the existing tool set provided by the app, which allows users to post videos to multiple social networks simultaneously from a mobile phone.

Farming Simulator 18 Adds Android and iPhone Compatibility

Jun 06, 2017 - GIANTS Software today introduces Farming Simulator 18 (v1.0) for iOS and Android, the newest addition to the company's popular simulation franchise. Farming Simulator 18 introduces players to the majestic landscapes of the Southern United States, and newly enhanced game play options that includes over 50 different farming machines and vehicles from the biggest names in farming. Test your farming skills by preparing your fields, planting and harvesting a wide array of crops, and so much more.

Follow - New App Keeps Drivers From Losing Each Other During Trips

Mar 15, 2017 - Utah based Follow Inc. introduces Follow 1.0, their new multiple car tracking app for iOS and Android devices. Follow lets drivers follow each other on trips or for work purposes. Pinging the location of the driver and followers three times every second, this unique navigation app allows the creation of a "leader" and "follower" role, built into an intuitive mapping system so that groups will not get lost during a trip, even if the leader changes the destination or has to pull off the road.

Legendary Golf Instructor Jim McLean Launches Golf Boost Mobile App

Sep 12, 2016 - Hall of fame golfer and renowned celebrity instructor joins forces with the Golf Boost team to bring his signature style to the most advanced golf swing analysis technology app on the planet. Golf Boost by Jim McLean is a comprehensive swing analysis tool and golf lesson provider mobile app. With the app, users simply record their golf swing and the Golf Boost proprietary video recognition software returns a personalized golf lesson within seconds. Version 3.0.0 offers an all-new experience.