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Aquarius Computer updates TurnTable to v3.2 - New Music Player for Mac

Jan 28, 2019 - Aquarius Computer today announces TurnTable v3.2, an important feature update to their popular music player for macOS. Serving as a unique replacement for iTunes, TurnTable displays your music in grids of artists for a fuller selection of what to listen to. Or nothing but Albums elegantly displayed with their art. Tracks are displayed in a simpler utilitarian jukebox interface. Version 3.2 sports a new, elegant user interface as well as a new Visual Tracks view, and more.

AQ Releases TurnTable 3.0 - The Next iTunes, for Dreamers

May 06, 2018 - Aquarius Computer today announces TurnTable 3.0 on the Mac App Store. TurnTable is a new Music Player (in the vein of iTunes) that revolutionizes the software. It's as if it were made by Artists. It's designed around the Art. A music player for people with artist minds, a music player for getting somewhere, in your mind. Like a new iTunes, an iTunes with Soul.