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Videwatch, the Unique Video Player for the Apple Watch Has Been Updated

May 31, 2020 - Atlum Limited is proud to announce the release of Videwatch 2.1.0 for iPhone and Apple Watch. Videwatch is the only app that allows iPhone users to play their videos on the Apple Watch, from the Photos library, cloud services, and other apps. Version 2.1.0 adds two heavily requested features.

Uppy Cup 2018, The Ultimate Keepy Uppy Football Game For iPhone!

Jun 28, 2018 - Indie developers, Dan Fordham and Ziv Lazarovitch announce Uppy Cup 2018, the ultimate keepy uppy game for iPhone, available now on the App Store! Thye're proud to announce the launch of Uppy Cup 2018, a simple but very addictive keepy uppy football game, exclusively on iOS. Uppy Cup uses the motion sensors on iOS devices to provide a unique gaming experience, tilt the screen left and right to move the player and head the ball!