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InternationaLISM & NutritionISM at Their BEST - Only on Apple Store

Oct 04, 2018 - Edutainment Ventures announces Food Hub Recipes 1.3 for iOS devices. With your Health & Nutrition & Wellbeing at the CORE of Food-Hub, Join us to broaden the healthy horizon by focusing on your Family Happiness and Authentic Yummy Tasty Wholesome Recipes. Authentic Healthy International food is neither a myth anymore nor difficult because of our easy to find recipes. The app is best for the health freaks and the taste seekers.

Signature Gaming App Infuses Your Brain With Knowledge

Sep 29, 2018 - Edutainment Ventures announces EduPuzzle - Ultimate Brain Games 1.0 for iOS devices. This unique game has sciences, engineering, words, movies, actors and many more areas of interest to play a score of games like crossword, anagram, mesh and swap. Day after day, more knowledge sets are added to these games covering all aspects of conversational, study, and learning topics - as many as 400.