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About No Tie Software
Based in Rochester, New York, NoTie creates clever and useful apps, such as text-to-speech talking caller iD ringtones as well as a talking soundboard for kids with Autism and other non-verbal users. Our team picked the company name because we are determined to never have to wear a tie for work again. Also, ties represent form over function. We believe apps should be designed to be usable, quickly and easily, without unnecessary frills.
PresidentCam Lets Hillary, Donald, and You Look Presidential, for Free

Oct 13, 2016 - No Tie Software announces PresidentCam 3.0 for iOS. In this crazy election season, people have been asking which candidate "looks presidential." Now, there's an app for that! Users can add "Presidential Stickers" to their photos using a live camera view. Select from Presidential-themed stickers including a Podium, the Presidential Seal, the American Flag, a Bald Eagle, etc.! It's, fun, easy, and for a limited time, free. Plus, users can share their photos via social media and email too.

WatchMagic is the Apple Watch App You Should Get But Not Talk About

Apr 23, 2015 - Usually app developers want people to talk about their new apps, but WatchMagic from No Tie Software is the exception. The Apple Watch plays a special role in the trick so good magicians should not reveal the secret! A user is asked to select a card using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. First, they select the suit (Hearts, Diamonds, etc.) and then the number. Their card is then displayed and they are asked to focus on their choice. Magically, the magician guesses the card within seconds!

EdTech startup FlixAcademy wins again, but teachers are the real winners

Dec 12, 2014 - FlixAcademy, the Ed-Tech startup that is building a curated database of educational movies and videos, is a winner of the Verizon Apps For Class Challenge. Instead of manually searching Google, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, the History Channel, PBS, National Geographic and more, users can go to the FlixAcademy website. With FlixAcademy, teachers, parents and students can find quality educational movies and videos, filtered by running time, age range, and subject.

April Fools Apps: Knockers, Obama/Bush Ringtones and Backseat Driver GPS

Mar 25, 2014 - In honor of April Fools Day, No Tie has assembled a suite of fun and useful apps. Knockers lets users create Talking Knock Knock joke videos. Ringtones Uncensored offers custom talking ringtones in 50 voices, and Ringtone Director Presidential Edition lets users put their words in the mouths of Presidents Obama and Bush, and use the results as Talking Caller ID Ringtones! Plus, use Backseat Driver GPS to issue phony GPS commands and fake out everyone!

Obama announces your calls via Ringtone Director Presidential Edition

Oct 15, 2013 - Lookout Siri! With the government shutdown, President Obama has been moonlighting as a voiceover announcer thanks to Ringtone Director Presidential Edition! Even George W. Bush has come out of retirement to join the fun! Users can create custom text-to-speech Talking Caller ID ringtones that say whatever the user types! The award-winning Ringtone Director app offers 50+ voices including Apple's classic Siri. Now Bush & Obama are available in the Presidential Edition!

Ringtone Fails highlights abuse and misuse of ringtones

May 02, 2013 - It happens to everyone but not always on live television! Junior announcer and former NBA great Shaquille O'neal left his cellphone on during a live TV broadcast and sure enough his annoying ringtone went off and took the whole show down with it. Shaq tossed his phone across the studio, where it landed with a thud and a crack, reminiscent of his bricklaying free throws when he played in the NBA. All of this could have been avoided through use of the Silent mode or a more professional ringtone.

Six Million Ringtones Later, Ringtones Uncensored Users Get More Voices

Dec 17, 2012 - NoTie announces Ringtones Uncensored Pro 13.2. No Tie's Ringtones Uncensored app has been so popular, and fun, that it's no wonder users of the app have created over six million custom talking ringtones using the variety of Text-To-Speech voices in the app. Now, No Tie has added voices from India, Ireland, Scotland, and Australia, in addition to the voice of Apple's Siri. Users can create ringtones that are professional, for Talking Caller ID, or outrageous announcing anything they can imagine.

Class Warfare is real, and now iOS users can play as the One Percent

Nov 01, 2012 - No Tie Software today announces Class Warfare 1.0 for iOS. Play as the One Percent and appease the dependents. Class Warfare is a combination First Person Shooter plus Whack-A-Mole, and Augmented Reality. As a One Percenter, users must respond to the angry mob of striking union workers, pregnant women, hungry citizens, and more. It's a parody of the so-called "Class Warfare" that pits the One Percent against the working class.

Siri Says Anything You Type with Ringtone Director Pro

Jul 09, 2012 - No Tie's AutoRingtone users have created over 5,000,000 custom Text-To-Speech talking ringtones since November 2009. Their latest AutoRingtone-based app, RINGTONE DIRECTOR PRO, is a fun, creative way to create unlimited Caller ID ringtones that say exactly what you want. Users can select from 50+ voices and now, they can even use the voice of Siri to create talking ringtones!