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Zuvolo Cycling - The real-time location sharing app for cyclists

Jan 29, 2019 - UK based Zuvolo Ltd releases Zuvolo Cycling for iPhone, the first stage of the ultimate location sharing app for cyclists. Quickly share your location and see your cycling friends in real-time. Let your loved ones see you're safe and well. You have total control over your privacy - decide who can see you and when. Use Markers to mark meeting points on the map, share your favourite cafes, tag hills, and leave messages at important locations. Meeting up and keeping safe has never been easier.

Zuvolo Friends - The real-time location sharing app for friends & family

Dec 17, 2018 - Zuvolo Ltd releases Zuvolo Friends 1.3.99, a new location sharing app allowing friends and family to quickly share locations and important markers in real-time. In two taps users can start sharing their location and appear on the map, or stop and disappear, offering total privacy control. Add and remove markers from the map using tap-and-hold. Watch location tracking in almost real-time. A beautifully polished UI perfect for any activity and between any number of friends for day to day use.